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webcam go to the forums! erix pix
We're having fun.
[2/14/15] webcam is back and better than ever.

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In all of the countless thousands of hours of using VIM the linux gnu command line editor, not once has it failed me. Until today.

Failed is probably the wrong word because it was my working knowledge, or lack thereof, that got the best of me; None the less, VIM caused me some grief for an hour or two today so I thought, there is no better time than now to share with the world my problems. =D

Here's the synopsis (wow!(:

I was writing a python script (sweet!) that would automatically publish website assets for me to amazon s3 (omg!) (which would eventually be distributed by cloudfront of course). Anyway, I decided the best approach was running shell commands to do the compressing (cool!) then use boto to upload/stream the asset (you can do that?!?). Everything was going well until I started using VIM to make sure my "gzip -9" was actually working.

VIM has a number of "vim-files" or modules (pow!) that it loads automatically and one of them is called gzip.vim (bang!). It apparently saves you the trouble of having to look at garbled (compressed) text when you edit a file (whiz!) with the ".gz" exention. Genius!

The script was working great! (ok enough of the sound effects... ok one more.. Zap!) I copied the file first since by default gzip actually replaces the original file, and then I would run gzip with maximum compression. I had all these checks to find out if it was existing beforehand or not, throwing errors if anything unexpected occurred, truly a beaut.

I started dabbling in the correct way to make operating system calls with python, using the subprocess module. I would totally throw some code in here but, well, hell why not!

import subprocess as sub
p = sub.Popen('your command',stdout=sub.PIPE,stderr=sub.PIPE)
output, errors = p.communicate()
print output

Profound! Isn't it? Ok well I just thought I'd share my oh-so-interesting story with the world because when things are going good for you, it couldn't hurt to share, put in a little effort towards the good of humanity, or give back little. :) -- Eristotle.


hey, if u use firefox,

1: enter this in the mozilla firefox URL bar: about:config

2: search for "keyword."

3: change keyword.URL to:


It turns the firefox url bar into an instant I'm lucky google search and when is that ever wrong??! ;)

Other than that I fully emplore the use of google chrome. For example, going to piratebay in google chrome is the safest.

google search url:

change firefox url bar :



I found a bug in vim recently... Kinda made my day.
What you do is type:
vim ..
and on rainy days there is a minor screen glitch! I'm so proud of my find. I'm just suprised that vim actually has a bug. Linux is so great. However, it's probably more impressive that the bug is in vi too.

I can't imagine what would happen if you did that and were in '/'!

UPDATE (5/18): The bug appears to be gone in vim 72+. Well done team! I have been served. I have a blag.


(in a deep trailing off voice like a tape player malfunctioning).. ONE slash ONE slash One slash one sl... - Redefining what we know as a blag



George Newman: I need a drink.
Bob: You don't drink.
George Newman: Yeah, but I've been meaning to start.

lol Ok all for now! :) :)




OK So the next DJ I want to see is Erick Morillo.

He is really good, literally a Mix Master

The BBC Radio1 Essential Mix on 2009-07-04, the fourth of july, features his music. A two hour set! I put it on one day and it ended up being really loud in my car. lol :)

Whoever put the "Essential Mix All of 2009" up on Pirate Bay, thank you for that, it sounds like great quality. If you are firefox file->edit->view source saavy or google chrome Cntl-U saavy you can see the link to download the mp3.

And yes, He is American


"No it wasn't. I'm a piece of bleep. I suck." Jeff: "Relax, Kane. You're not a piece of bleep."

"what does high score mean? did i break it?"

Barry: "You think we'll get fired?" Jeff: "You might, we won't." Kane: "Well I hope I do. I'm a worthless ******* who deserves to die young." Jeff: "Take it easy, Kane."

haha quotes from the infamous grandma's boy! great movie grandma's boy,
hey ok that was the soundtrack but whatever.
omg and firefox & (firebug or web developer) = amazing great
vim editor dot org!!! Vim best editor ever.. Might only be for programmers tho. Too ammazing for regular people.. LoL I mean you gotta use unix. LIke Ubuntu Fedora or Centos5 :) yay css!?? VIM is the best.. What else should I say here. Oh y3ah! I wonder if my work will let me borrow this projector on a pile of electronic equipment and computers that said "go to recycle".. I mean its for a christmas present! geez! lol no seriously that would be a waste of taxpayer funds.


aklsjdf;ljkasd;lfkjsdlkf no worries, this is only a test.
HEY YOU GUYS!!! WE NEED A REPEAT DONT YOU THINK??!!@ Well maybe less fog. ;)

[buttons.. buttons buddens]
Here, check these out. This took me like 3 hours to copy and paste the javascript and html from the web to get this to work in here so you better like them!!! LoL!!


Wow, weriously though? The internet is a really dirty place. I just about cross site script attacked 3 differnt banks looking for some simple mouseover code LOL

Damn you Google treat your customers as an end, not as a means to an end!!! LoL all the crazy css pages you can find by searching for noobish js and html queries.. lol, I kid, I know it is the spammers fault.


It shouldn't come as a suprise, because live music never ends, but I swear this is the most amazing year for electronic... Ever!
The occasion is how did I get so lucky! I love electronic music, as most everyone does for it's playability in any mood and in any setting upbeat feeling but hearing it at a venue, that is quite a different experience. Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Deadmau5, Kaskade all in the same year??? I am trying not to get too worked up about it but when I heard Ferry Corsten was going to come to my town, after all these spectacular DJs already this year, I couldn't believe it. I have been listening to this guy for almost 10 years and never thought once that I would actually see his show!

Ferry Corsten is playing in Portland ( For the first time!!!!!) on 10/6/10. Playing at a hot new venue, the wiskey bar. Too bad Portland doesn't do electronic like most of europe, but it's kinda nice to beat the crowds for once. Before this year I had only been to 2 concerts, now I've been to almost 10! I love how I have found electronic music shows and now they are all coming to see me. lol seriously though I am happy. Not only that I should be out with my new website soon! I hope it works! -e


WHy does crome just totally not work with Facebook...? Uploading images and stuff. I would think it's funny but it affects me. haha
Also, completely unrelated topic, I like socks and deadmaus 5! HaHa I just said the same thing twice to fill up more space. Bye!!!

WHy does crome just totally not work with
Uploading images and stuff. I would think it's funny but it affects me. Also, completely unrelated topic, I like socks and deadmaus 5! I just said that twice to fill up more space.


HaHa This is great. I found this on friday of last week and I just had to throw an update on here for it. This is a link to great group of funny and serious articles sure to incite insightful debate. Some are serious, some are intentionally funny, but almost everything is SFW so you don't have to worry about that. Plus you get to see pictures of brad pitt!

Apparently it is all part of promotion for brad pitt's movie baestard or whatever but clever and well though out. In fact I am definitely going to try and see this movie in the theaters. If the only place it was playing was tigard tho, I would sadly have to skip this one. Tigard theater is seriously crap.

If this content is any indication of how good the movie will be I'm sure I will be LoL'ing my all over the place. And that my friend make it worth it. I'd Buy That For a Dollar! (robocop) erixroom Highly Recommends!

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Does this work yo

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UPDATE: I still don't know how Mario took this sweet picture. So I'm probably going to be on an episode of one of those Reality TV shows where they take you through the process of buying a home. You know, where they show you a few houses, maybe the drive doesn't match your car on one, or the grass is too long on the other.
Then when you finally choose the house the morgage company falls through because the economy is bad and you lose you loan. No! YOu get the house and they spend thousands of dollars completely fixing it up and decorating it? Yeah! You could say I'm pretty excited.

* Picture taken by Mario Anzuoni. He is a pimp! I saw a set of his set of Coachella09 and I have to give him credit because I feel he really caught the atmosphere end energy of the performances. Needless to say they are some of the most amazing pictures I've seen. As for the concert I missed it this year, But my friend was there and he took the picture... then you're supposed to say "No they didn't". Alright, alright well then I KNoW the guy who was there and took the picture... "No you don't" No, No I didn't. But you know what it'would be like if they did!! (a little Billy Madison humor)


Speaking of Theories -- specifically conspiracy theories o_O haha Try on this one for size -- Back in 2002 before a friend gave me this interesting video I never would have doubted the lunar landing

As you know we at erixroom have our own way about things and constantly push the limit putting fact and fiction to the test. See for yourself!
Did we land on the moon? There were many reasons we wanted to achieve this including saving millions of lives. This documentary by f0x puts you back in the Space Race Era. Befor the age of Progressive Rock when Houses cost 23,000 and a gallon of gas was 36 cents.


There have been a number of theories circling the internet recently, well, I wouldn't call them theories more like rumors that blizzard will be announcing a new game along the lines of the Diablo series. I dare not debunk D3 claims, quite the contrary, I would like to further fuel the fire.

blizzard has been releasing an image: unlabeled, unexplained with only the word "blizzard" on the root of their site. Intriguing. The "splash" image changes each day. erixroom is giving you an exclusive peek at blizzard released teaser splash images !photoshopped! only slightly... revealing? Check it out!

The rumor is that they will announce the long awaited Diablo 3 mmo rpg video game (and you know it's a mmo!) this weekend in france. Don't ask me about france or my visit to france or anything about france.(Take it up on theforums!) It would only sideline this monumentous event! For those of you who don't know the games : Diablo(1996) and DiabloII(2000), Crawl into a dark cave and start playing some video games GeeZ1 :)

Here it comes boys! The most addicting game of the century since wow. btw: Starcraft 2 comes out in December08 while Diablo 3, the beginning of next century. lol! It's all good. On a very small side note, I got a new job, a new pad, and a new car. Having said that: Blizzard, You really outdid yourself this time. Put 'em on the glass!

DIABLO III baby! Diabz!!


I got a new cellphone! wooooooooo!!! More importantly, yesterday, I saw something very disturbing. Please, forgive me for publishing this picture. Don't be fooled by his seemingly normal composure. His mind is sick and twisted.

I've heard a number of stories apparently he likes to pop his wang out at almost everyone he sees. I heard another story involving him, an xbox controller (one of the big ones), and some bikini wax. I can't go any further into that story because this is a family oriented site. (Yes, I was paid by my little brother and friends to say all of this. lol)

I replaced the old and busted phone and got the new hotness. Nokia n75, a fully functional pda minus the werty keyboard. It has unlimited internet too! yay! Luckily, it uses opera mini instead of firefox.. oohh.. don't get me started about browsers. lol


My brother is a pimp. I won't go into details but he has this friend Dick (names have been changed to protect the innocent) who recently got his first girlfriend. My brother is always talking about how he NEVER sees him hugging, holding hands, or even staying in close proximity with his girlfriend for any length of time. lol

We recently came across a picutre of Dick and his girlfriend. My brother pointed it out to me saying it was "funny because it was the first time hes ever seen Dick touch his girlfriend." After close examination this has become the funniest shit I have ever seen. Again!! Hes Not Touching Her! Click the picture link if you haven't already. Six months and he hasn't even touched her skin yet? Somebody has to break it to Dick. LoL


Oh wow! erixroom webcam is now in effect for a short time!! Enjoy it while you can. We've run into a string of good luck recently here at erixroom and we'd like to pay it foreward to our loyal members.

Feel free to use the webcam as much as you'd like but please if you have set as your homepage like we have, please throw us a couple bones so we can get this webcam up and running 24/7 for good.

Thanks for all your support! You are all awesome! Register in the forums or I will kill you. My SAMSUNG D807 lcd screen cracked you can check out the pictures in the forums which happens to also be my blog so you we could go out on a limb and call it a blorum or a flog!!!.


Welcome to ERIXROOM ~ where spammers come to crawl in their hole, and die. Son of a bitch spammer. Why didn't you just go to your hole? That's your home. Are you too good for your home? Answer me! Suck my white ass!

Sweet! Another few months have gone by and no update was necessary until now. If you've been paying attention to the forums we've had some crazy ppl postin up there (which is good). We also had a 111% increase in donations in February which brings the the current donation total up to $.35! Woot! Looks like we are scheduled to have the webcam back up shortly, possibly, November or December 2041. Which happens to be a very special year, not.

I was recently made aware of the possibility that we are all just prisoners here of our own device. Then I thought, nah, forget it.


ERIXROOM hopes your Christmas was fantastic!

Major news: Advertising alone wasn't enough to pay for the webcam and its dedicated connection. Lets bring the erixroom webcam back! Erixroom is now accepting donations though the paypal link below "the links" section. Erixroom is free to use but if you like erixroom please consider a small donation. Thanks!

A new design for erixroom is in the making and hopefully it'll be up for the new year! Stay tuned because we are excited that erixroom will look better than ever!


I just wanna say happy holidays and merry christmas to EVERYONE.

In this update I added some major content to the site. It is somewhat personal so I'm going to make you work to find it. It might be easier than you think!
Sometimes I like to recommend movies, so here goes nothin!

If you are a guy and you're under the influence you should definately see "CRANK".  If you're not under the influence then you should also see "CRANK.

If you're a girl you should see "The Devil Wears Prada" if you haven't already. Yeah, I saw it (with my dad) in a desperate ploy to try and figure out how women think.. I failed but the movie was "cute"


erixroom is still in its early stages but eventually it will turn into a cool site and have lots of stuff on it! Right now erixroom is:

For now you will just have to make do with the webcam, news feed, and the links. Yeah!


Added the links bar (it's on the right side of the page) - you will find only the best links here.

Just don't be clickin on the strikethrough links the kids around.
You can find more information about the links bar here.


I've added a counter! I've always wanted one of these things. yesss!!!

I can read your mind. Don't even think about artifically inflating my counter!


A friend of mine recently had some car trouble. You would expect a dealership, being the most expensive option, to be at least helpful and courteous. If you can't trust a dealership who CAN you take your car to?

Check out the thread here.


After 12 years of brainstorming site layout and design almost functional. It is the realization of thousands of hard working American's dreams and I couldn't be more exited that we added a peek into erixroom!

I wouldn't be suprised if the site found a cure for cancer! Check back soon.


Lots of things will go in here.

This site ain't bad for my first, i mean second, er third try!

CSS has finally been brought to erixroom and what a fabulous day it is. A good 3 hours has been put into this site over the 8 months that it has been up and running and the webmasters couldn't be prouder. Some day we might even have a counter!


This rant is truly heart and soul of erixroom without this page would have loaded much much faster. The funny thing is that the page where this was originally posted was through a verizon webhosting service paid for by the basic DSL package. Over 2 years after the DSL account has been shut down the page still stands. See if you can find it! (Edit: Not even I could find it through google, or yahoo, or msn, nothing. I could not expect more from my users than I do from myself so I posted the direct link up for it :-P)

\/ e R | z () N (made me do it)

Internet Rant#1 3/4/04 10:54 pm
nO, i DIDNT write that!!! Stupid verizon thinks my page is "under construction" this is my page. whats wrong with it. I had a bunch of cool stuff on here but they took that off and replaced it with this page that sucks... what the hell is wrong with them.. Actually im going to get cable in a few weeks so screw verison. They can suck my dick. Yeah, and thats for all the times i had to run upstairs and unplug the modem and sure enough, yup verizon was just being a bitch.. I ddidnt really mind verizon until a good 2 years ago. It was cool having fast internet cuz nothing else was available. NOw i can get cable, which is wayyy fucking better, lower pings, faster up and down you cant go wrong. Imean, i know cable is a little less predictable.. and during peak hours you will see performance degridation but who cares, fuck it. Its not like i need my peak performance to be during the day. Verizon sucks ass for a lot of reasons, your basic package of 756/128 is basic as shit. 10 megs of webspace well holy shit i dont even need a harddrive anymore!!! Oh now they have this personal space.. a full GIG of "personal files" that i can access easily by logging into their crap. Oh wait i cant even do that because only my mom gets the Gig, and shit man, and she (god bless her soul) doesnt even probably know what a fuckin GIG is. Much less would i actually WANT a full GIG of space to share my files with verizon, its probably just another one of their tactics to get my shit revoked.. I mean i'd put some nasty ass porn on there and hella mp3s some cd images for games and what would they do? I cant imagine why they wouldnt block my access to it and hold it against me in a court of law. OK, now i know thats going a little far but you can never be too careful with these bastards. They know what they're doing, I mean i'll say they're dumb as shit but some of them aint, they got me payin 50 bucks a month still for some crappy shit that is only worth as much as dialup does to me now... plus a dollar.. maybe. At least with cab
3puk in the house

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